The USAdvisors investment Strategy is simple but powerful: Our Philosophy is to win by not losing. At USAdvisors, we manage on spreads between up-captures and down-captures. That is, we aim to capture a greater proportion of the markets up movements, while minimizing capture of down movements. We believe that over a longer period of time this method of investing will help investors keep emotions under control, thus keeping assets invested and avoiding capitulation.  The core of our investment strategies is based on the idea that avoiding a market precipice is essential to success, because the less the investor loses during downturns the less they have to make up when the market rebounds. The promotion of growth in our portfolios is always important, and protecting against full participation in downward moves helps serve this objective.

We consult with LSA Portfolio Analytics to assist in developing investment portfolio models to pattern a variety of client risk/return needs.

Asset allocation does not guarantee a profit or protection from losses in a declining market. Investments in model strategies may expose the investor to risks inherent within the model and the specific risks inherent within the model and the specific risks of the underlying investment directly proportionate to their allocation. All investments involve the risk of potential investment losses.

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