If you’ve been paying attention for the last decade in this business, you know that the industry is trending quickly towards fee-based advisory services.  The smartest advisors are embracing fee-based services as the most client-centric way to do business --- and it also builds a real on-going revenue base for the advisor.

Given that background, USAdvisors Network ( a member of USAdvisors Financial Group) wanted our advisors to be ahead of the curve in this important arena – not playing catch-up. Hence, the birth of USAdvisors Wealth Management. There are plenty of moving parts and economic dynamics in the advisory business, and to make available the very best offering, we knew we had to be directly in the wealth management business.

In considering the formation of an investment advisory firm that was part of the USAdvisors Financial Group, we primarily had three objectives:

  1. Provide the best possible advisory platform available
  2. Create investment advisory offerings that represent the best possible value to the client
  3. Design it in a way that the economics are compelling – for the advisor and the client





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